Top NAU Researchers Discover Lidar is Liberating – Taking Advantages Of LIDAR In The Forest Aerial, Accurate & Terrestrial Has Never Been Easier

LIDAR is Liberated – Forestry
Being able to hold a LIDAR scanner in your hand and fly it outdoors to map and scan from the air, ground and even underground changes the way industries operate. Until recently, forest management was completely analog. The diameter of a tree trunk was determined with a tape measure. Health was determined by up close observation. Right now in Northern Arizona the Forestry Industry is seeing wonderful results taking full advantage of the ZEB Horizon capabilities in a Forest.

Now easily scan entire maps of the forest, under growth, monitor forest bedding changes as well as the tree canopies… Tree growth: height, trunk size, limbs, ever single detail captured within 2cm of accuracy. Our product has even more huge advantages, one of which is: Real-Time Scanning and No satellite signals needed. No WiFi needed either. Panoscan provides you the tools, knowledge, training and support to deploy this Top World Class SLAM technology in the field or forest.

Panoscan offers clients the Top Of It’s Class ZEB Horizon by GeoSLAM most often. Great because there’s No need to worry about doing a linear scan.

Top NAU Researchers have discovered when it comes to Terrestrial Lidar Scanning, we’ve got the advantage working with Panoscan to have a device that can provide full coverage from in the air and on the ground easily scanning everything we need. We have the ability to be aerial and terrestrial making it very fast. Forestry research will no longer need to measure trees with a tape measure again.

50 years ago, forest management was completely analog.

Forestry research will no longer need to measure trees with a tape measure again.

The use of stationary LIDAR scanners was a giant step forward in forestry. Stationary scanners, set up on tripods, are moved around a forested area, capturing data for a variety of arboreal characteristics. The problem with stationary scanners is the fact that they need to be stationary to scan. Scanning time, set-up, break-down and moving all take time. With a mobile LIDAR scanner, like the GeoSLAM ZEB HORIZON, you simple walk through the forest, all the while collecting 300,000 points per second.

That’s a lotta data, and locked in that data is measurements to everything in the environment —every tree’s diameter, every tree’s height (the ZEB HORIZON has a 100 meter range) and a variety of other characteristics, that 2cm accuracy make possible. Oh…and you can fly the HORIZON or mount it on a UTV, because it can collect those 300,000 points per second, traveling at 20 MPH. Check it out at Panoscan, GeoSLAM dealer for California, Nevada and Arizona.

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After scanning the foresty undergrowth (everything from ground level to 3 feet as the concentrated area where data is most needed to monitor what is happening on the Forest floor, NAU experts and Panoscan experts were able to see the different types of grass discerning them using the 3D Scans created from ZEB Horizon in almost no time flat. Archaeologists also love having this device because they can scan and annotate scans.

They are able to monitor, track and note everything they are doing while in the field within one device, No Wifi needed.

YES, easily documenting everything and anything they are doing within their work flow just got a whole lot easier.

These device work flows allow you and your team to mark locations of the found artifacts, trees, growth, density, development, discoveries…

Annotate the entire process if you want to or just scan freely, fast and easily!

With Panoscan we provide you the right Lidar Scanning Solutions for your needs and these scans are easy to create. Plus your team can count on them being highly accurate. Producing maps within 2cm of tolerance for your forest, pre-historic setting dig site, explorations, mining and construction sites. That’s not all…

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Carefully monitoring the plants and vegetation in this area for more than 101 years, Top NAU Researchers were excited to discover Panoscan’s expert Taylor H. and the wonderful skills, experience & technology she shared to help them do more in less time while get better long term data solving all their needs is a breeze with the help of the experts at Panoscan. NAU researchers are at the top of their game now and taking full advantage of owning their own ZEB Horizon. Shouldn’t you?

You and your team, company, school, department, college or university can make data collection in the forest and monitoring growth the best it has ever been and we can help! To learn more about the ZEB Horizon and what it can do for you outdoors or in just about any forest schedule a call with an expert:

Have A Look At What The ZEB Horizon Can Do.

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The Latest On The ZEB Horizon

Panoscan presents the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon.

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PLUS, you get your data in real-time so you can put it to work for you however you need as simple as inserting a flash drive to access data on the go or in the office.

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