Lidar Technology From GeoSLAM & A Drone Met And It Was Love At First Swipe…

Drones can present a solution to all sorts of problems, and 3D mapping is one of them. But getting excellent measurement accuracy, speed of capture, and adequate range in a compact package light enough to fly with ease, has been a major hurdle.  

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The UAV, the poor worker bee of industry had not found an ideal partner when it comes to 3D scanning until the ZEB-HORIZON was introduced October 21, 2018. Because the ZEB-HORIZON has excellent measurement accuracy (2cm), speed of capture (20 MPH), light enough for COTS drones (3.7kgs.), and range (100 meters). The drone didn’t hesitate to swipe right.  

The response to the ZEB-HORIZON by drone operators has been pretty overwhelming, because it makes accurate, aerial 3D scanning a reality without extensive start-up and initialization times.  

This opens up a whole new revenue stream for drone companies. Now, they can confidently market an aerial measurement service that assures 2cm accuracy –flying at up to 20 miles an hour.  

The ZEB-HORIZON’s remarkable cloud density is part of the secret.  

Check out the ZEB-HORIZON here:

Should the ZEB-HORIZON be part of your UAV business plan?

Lidar technology drones can present a solution to all sorts of problems, and 3D mapping is one of them.

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Lidar Technology: Cloud Density

3D speed and accuracy.

Point cloud density pretty much describes what it is. The number of points collected for measurement and mapping purposes, whether it be with LIDAR or photogrammetry.  

I found a good definition for “point cloud” in this article: 

Calculating Point Cloud Density byRylanAtSafe · 

“Point cloud density is an indicator of the resolution of the data: higher density means more information (high resolution) while lower density means less information (low resolution). It is important to have an understanding of point cloud density because it may impact the quality or accuracy of further projects that will be based on point clouds…” 

So, this is why GeoSLAM is touting the density of the point cloud for their ZEB-HORIZON, because it is one of the factors that allows this newly introduced, handheld 3D scanner to have the ability to scan moving at up to 20 miles per hour as the increased density allows the SLAM algorithm to identify features at greater distances to be used for mapping and locating purposes.

Of course, you can have all of the cloud density in the world, but without a good SLAM to make sense of all of those points, they are ingredients in search recipe.  

More on SLAM and the GeoSLAM product family coming up in future posts.  

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Have A Look At What The ZEB Horizon Can Do.

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